Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dunkin' Dream

Dunkin' was in my dream briefly last night. I was unaware of him in the dream. I expected him to be there, part of my daily life as he once was for almost 8 years. I awoke satisfied, just wishing that I could have noticed him running circles happily in my dream. I should have picked him up and loved him. Instead, a large black fluffy cat with white paws made a bed of my face. The cat rubbed its face and white muzzle all over my mouth and cheeks repeatedly. I fell asleep in my dream to this large cat loving me in its cat way. In real life I would have sneezed it off of me as I am allergic to cats. Either way, I recall feeling so much affection. Just what I needed to generate in my own brain I suppose. I miss Dunkin's affection. I miss showing him mine. This is why all of my friends are getting longer hugs and why I am like a lost child looking for who I can hug next.


  1. Your posts never fail to bring me to tears. Sending you a (((big hug))) from Tennesse.

  2. This is so horrifically sad. The police are out of control and have lost every semblance of humanity. They are hired by us to protect us and our property, and what they did to you and to Dunkin is incredible. I hope you prevail in your lawsuit, and we send you hugs.

    Please keep us posted on the progress of this case.

    Jackie & Gus