Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Dunkin' Died

Dunkin was chased to his death by the DPS. Department of Public SAFETY.

All they gave me was his BROKEN and TORN COLLAR. Just thinking about it... it just brings it all back. He was destroyed instantly.

The article I wrote on the left hand side tells all the grim details. SCROLL DOWN to see PHOTOS of my bruising and ... our last video on Earth.

The tears, after a year... they just flow. He was precious. I honor him daily living a life that informs all of JUSTICE and TRUTH.

Thank you all. Again, please join my "causes page" at

How YOU can make a difference

Thank you all for the support. I have been struggling... as you see from my posts. I mostly suffer in silence regarding my most traumatic loss. Even the loss of certain motor skills, and being diagnosed with MS pale in comparison to losing my 8 year old unconditional love which Dunkin' granted me.


Also, WATCH our last video together. LOOK at the photos I was CLEVER enough to take with time stamps on them, as I KNEW the department of public safety would bury the issue.

READ the left hand column which explains what happened.

I have since attained a lawyer and I forsee fees.

I am a graduate student at NYU and work full time trying to make ends meet while living in NYC.

All updates will be posted on Face Book and my personal notes are here.

IT is ON

Alex Jones will put Justice For Dunkin' links on his site, viewed by MILLIONS of humans world wide.

I am grateful I am closer to Justice and to sharing my experience with self healing when negative forces strip you of your humanity. Visit, Add, Forward to friends, for Dunkin', for your human rights and your beloved service animal rights.

LIVE on the air, GLOBALLY

I am ABOUT to go LIVE on Alex Jones' LIVE radio broadcast. LISTEN NOW. I will be speaking about my encounter with a POLICE STATE which violated my civil liberties on
July 4th 2009 in the state of Arizona. After Steve Watson is done, it will be my turn. Hope you can join me.