Thursday, August 27, 2009

Email, Call, and have others do the same. This is a start, more contacts to come. Doesn't it feel good to know you are making a difference?

I emailed a few. The rest I will email tomorrow since I've been at work now from 8-6pm. Here is the list that people should focus on. PLEASE EMAIL THEM and have your friends do it too. THANK YOU ALL.

Link to Sedona Chamber of Commerce Members

Chamber of Commerce Staff

Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO:

Allen Hustead, Director of Finance

Michelle Conway, Director of Tourism

Sachiko Sado, Tourism Development Manager

Heather Hermen PR & Communication Manager, Film Office Contact

Daniela Newth, Membership Coordinator

Leslie Hunt, Director of Visitor Services

Link to Email Jan Brewer- Govenor of Arizona

Senator John McCain

The Mayor of Sedona- Rob Adams (who says Sedona wants to “stay out of this”)

Too late!

Reporters from the Arizona Republic Newspaper,,

Sharon Henry- Executive Director- Arizona Office of Tourism

Catherine Rourke- Sedona Observer Newspaper

Sedona Red Rock News- Editor

Celebrities/Animal Rights Crusaders:

Shirley Maclaine -

Michael Moore-

Leann Rimes-

Doris Day Animal Foundation-

Animals Matter Too- Celebrity Organization/Activists


I have a lawyer now who believes in what I am protecting.

I am protecting your rights. I am on a mission to have Dunkin's Law passed and those who are guilty, the DPS officers who are responsible for raping me of my Independence on Independence Day, ironically, will be brought to justice.

I presented a presentation I worked on for quite a while to new students today and enjoyed speaking to them and informing them about their expectations and the program. I smiled with gratitude and accepted the faculty's very sincere compliments with pretty white teeth showing as they spoke. Even after it was said and done, they came to my office to give additional kudos.

Normally, when I had my Dunkin' dog, I would feel accomplished only after getting home and hugging him with a full body hug as my "hello." I would call out "assuuuume... the... position!" Dunkin' would jump on the couch and lie down. He knew what to do. The body hug from yours truly would then cover his chocolate minpin body with a great big tight hug. At that point, I felt accomplished. I had his love in my arms. Then he would humble me by pooping on the street on our walk to Washington Square Park. I would pick up his poo with a doggie bag and carry on to the dog run. Seeing him "assume the position" gave me a sense of accomplishment that would echo within me all day. Dunkin' gave me freedom to believe in myself regardless of tingly legs or numb and cramping feet that MS causes. With him by my side, anything was possible.

I appreciate the compliments from a job well done. I just do not have the soul with whom I used to seal that accomplishment in my life anymore due to the horrible tragedy caused by DPS officers in Arizona. Dunkin' was the icing on my Magnolia cupcake. Everyone knows that a Magnolia cupcake without the frosting is not the same experience. It is all drier to me now.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Last night my brother sat beside me while I cried out of the blue. It hits me at night, the longing for Dunkin.' I miss hugging him and those thousand kisses I would bath him with. A pain starts in my chest, right in the center. It is dry ice and takes my breath away. I rub the spot with my right hand, putting pressure, trying to sooth the icy hole behind my breastbone. Then the tidal wave of something that I think is best described as "loss," rolls in and wipes me out. The wave becomes tears, the tears become thoughts, then I am back there again, in the back of that car, and it's extremely hot and suffocating and I am watching Dunkin' being chased down the highway and nobody will listen to me even though the signs of the rental car are in S.D Soto's right hand and Dunkin's orange vest was already inspected, a card pulled out and read, and still, no one cares to even look at me, acknowledge that I exist.

Everything hurts. My organs and my skin. My blood.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dunkin' Diamond

Every night Dunkin' used to leap up onto bed and choose his spot beside me. We'd fuss around until we realized our most perfect position. It was usually me spooning his body and holding his broad chest with my left hand. I expected Dunkin' to be a big brother to kids I will someday have. And now he's not here. There is a vacuum inside of my chest.

I look at us in these pictures and it blows my mind. I cannot even believe that this happened. The images and sounds of July 4th are vividly in my mind and I think..."Is Dunkin' really gone? Could the cops really have thrown caution to the wind and acted like robots that day? When will I wake up to my life again?" I am still in shock.

Dunkin' impacted my daily life and my life plans. With him gone, everything is new to me. I still picture him trotting beside me everywhere I go. I miss his presence, his spirit, his affection.

I heard that I can have Dunkin's ashes turned into a diamond. The only way I can think to commemorate Dunkin's brilliant life is by getting his remains turned into something that signifies his resplendence in my life daily. This is something that would help me feel warm when I wish he was still here... as he really SHOULD be... but fate is fate, destiny is destiny, and I am doing the best that I can. That's all I can do.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I found out that law officials are responsible for many pet deaths.

Click to learn what you can sue for when your animal companion is wrongfully killed

I called the Animal League Defense Fund and discovered that they are more to help once I secure an attorney. I do see that there is a lot for which I can sue. Ultimately legislation has to be passed for car rental agencies and protocol needs to be reviewed and strict penalties must be issued to law enforcers.

The woman at the ALDF said that there are hundreds of calls in regards to police officials killing house pets. It has to stop now.

Email Rosamaria here

I can be reached at

Thank you all for reading what happened to change my life forever. I will be posting blogs on how I have endured this trying time. A lot has to do with my supportive brother, my saint of a mother and my steady father and of course the extremely gorgeous people that have entered my life since July 4th- Marnie, Michelle, Liz, Adam, (and other quite gorgeous people as well....and those whom I have known for years, Leroy, Annamaria, Howard, Cindy, Andrea, Trish, and also Jagger, who was Dunkin's "brother" and who also misses Dunkin'. I do not hold many people this close to my heart and you all already have a permanent place there for all you are doing and continue to do for Dunkin' dog and me. I have stayed away from writing as it brings it all up again. I have written about what happened at my article which I write in regards to living with Multiple Sclerosis. I have met readers from Europe in the past who pass by NYC to share great healthy meals and conversation and support.

I will tell you that your positive energy and thoughts travel at the speed of thought. Dunkin' and I thank you for everything you are doing to have this story reach all corners of the planet. I will be translating my experience into Spanish as soon as I have a chance. I work full time and am a grad student and have to find time to dance for my body, and laugh for my soul especially in a time where PTSD and depression. I'm getting through this though I feel another scar has already occurred within me on July 4th.

I died that day. They took something from me. Not just Dunkin'... they took my dreams. It was not right.

I will be posting more often pending alloted time. I do not have a computer at home so I do not respond on weekends. If you would like to reach me please reach me at the email above.