Thursday, August 27, 2009

Email, Call, and have others do the same. This is a start, more contacts to come. Doesn't it feel good to know you are making a difference?

I emailed a few. The rest I will email tomorrow since I've been at work now from 8-6pm. Here is the list that people should focus on. PLEASE EMAIL THEM and have your friends do it too. THANK YOU ALL.

Link to Sedona Chamber of Commerce Members

Chamber of Commerce Staff

Jennifer Wesselhoff, President/CEO:

Allen Hustead, Director of Finance

Michelle Conway, Director of Tourism

Sachiko Sado, Tourism Development Manager

Heather Hermen PR & Communication Manager, Film Office Contact

Daniela Newth, Membership Coordinator

Leslie Hunt, Director of Visitor Services

Link to Email Jan Brewer- Govenor of Arizona

Senator John McCain

The Mayor of Sedona- Rob Adams (who says Sedona wants to “stay out of this”)

Too late!

Reporters from the Arizona Republic Newspaper,,

Sharon Henry- Executive Director- Arizona Office of Tourism

Catherine Rourke- Sedona Observer Newspaper

Sedona Red Rock News- Editor

Celebrities/Animal Rights Crusaders:

Shirley Maclaine -

Michael Moore-

Leann Rimes-

Doris Day Animal Foundation-

Animals Matter Too- Celebrity Organization/Activists

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  1. Our law enforcement has become one of our most feared enemies!