Thursday, August 27, 2009


I have a lawyer now who believes in what I am protecting.

I am protecting your rights. I am on a mission to have Dunkin's Law passed and those who are guilty, the DPS officers who are responsible for raping me of my Independence on Independence Day, ironically, will be brought to justice.

I presented a presentation I worked on for quite a while to new students today and enjoyed speaking to them and informing them about their expectations and the program. I smiled with gratitude and accepted the faculty's very sincere compliments with pretty white teeth showing as they spoke. Even after it was said and done, they came to my office to give additional kudos.

Normally, when I had my Dunkin' dog, I would feel accomplished only after getting home and hugging him with a full body hug as my "hello." I would call out "assuuuume... the... position!" Dunkin' would jump on the couch and lie down. He knew what to do. The body hug from yours truly would then cover his chocolate minpin body with a great big tight hug. At that point, I felt accomplished. I had his love in my arms. Then he would humble me by pooping on the street on our walk to Washington Square Park. I would pick up his poo with a doggie bag and carry on to the dog run. Seeing him "assume the position" gave me a sense of accomplishment that would echo within me all day. Dunkin' gave me freedom to believe in myself regardless of tingly legs or numb and cramping feet that MS causes. With him by my side, anything was possible.

I appreciate the compliments from a job well done. I just do not have the soul with whom I used to seal that accomplishment in my life anymore due to the horrible tragedy caused by DPS officers in Arizona. Dunkin' was the icing on my Magnolia cupcake. Everyone knows that a Magnolia cupcake without the frosting is not the same experience. It is all drier to me now.

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