Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How YOU can make a difference

Thank you all for the support. I have been struggling... as you see from my posts. I mostly suffer in silence regarding my most traumatic loss. Even the loss of certain motor skills, and being diagnosed with MS pale in comparison to losing my 8 year old unconditional love which Dunkin' granted me.

Please JOIN THE CAUSE at: www.facebook.com/justicefordunkin

Also, WATCH our last video together. LOOK at the photos I was CLEVER enough to take with time stamps on them, as I KNEW the department of public safety would bury the issue.

READ the left hand column which explains what happened.

I have since attained a lawyer and I forsee fees.

I am a graduate student at NYU and work full time trying to make ends meet while living in NYC.

All updates will be posted on Face Book and my personal notes are here.


  1. I cannot even tell you how very very sorry I am for this to have happened to you. I want to put my arms around you and just cry. I am sitting here crying now. It just breaks my heart for what happened to you and your beloved boy Dunkin.... He is a beautiful boy and please know that he live on in spirit and in your memories and that one day you will see him again. I know that this thought does not do you any good right now. But I am so upset I just want to try to help you feel better. I will keep you in my prayers and hope and pray that you will be able to remember your little guy and all the fun times you had with him soon. I know the pain right now is just about killing you . iOn time that will change to good memories.
    As for those stinking pigs that did this to you and caused your little boys horrific tragedy.. just know that they will get theirs in due time. Justice for Dunkin !!!!

  2. Maria,

    If you haven't already looked at alternative health options to reducing or eliminating MS, there are many causal factors identified which can be removed from one's lifestyle and/or diet, like aspartame and gluten to name a few. Here are some links that may help: http://tinyurl.com/35ydhet

  3. Dear Rosemaria:

    I honestly am grieving for your loss. Some people don't think animals can feel, love, enjoy, laugh, or are sentients. Just animals. They are so much more. Ethical treatment of animals who can feel pain, fear, or give their all for another is a subject which sadly defines our society. I feel for you and the horrible tragedy which befell Dunkin. May God keep you and Dunkin close to His heart and spur justice for you and ones that may come afterward. Keep the torch alive so that others will not be violated.

    Thinking of you and Dunkin and wishing you some peace to continue the fight for justice.

  4. You Must Never let the Spirit of Dunkin be wasted.
    I Hope you are suing the Arizona Cowboy Redneck cops real good.
    There I Go Again Dirtying the reputation of the POOR IGNORANT Confused Teabagger Rednecks.

    The Ignorance that MURDERED DUNKIN.

    I will never take the little spot in my blog for Dunkin away.
    To Animals and Each Other.

    "Furry People" just want to Love us.
    Unless some SICK HUMAN Taught The Poor Animal to hate instead of Love.

  5. I am praying for you!! How are you now? Any justice for you and Dunkin yet? Healing takes forever, but now 2 years later can you have another service companion dog? Let us know how you are. I am heartbroken again, when I happened on your FB page again. My apologies if this message printed more than once - my Internet is acting up.

  6. Dear Rosemaria. just found out about your story i have tried to find you and contact you. my heart goes out to you. i have mini-pens so cute, little and loyal. is there any current place to contact you, about your out come on the un-caring cops.
    prayers for you.