Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Dunkin' Died

Dunkin was chased to his death by the DPS. Department of Public SAFETY.

All they gave me was his BROKEN and TORN COLLAR. Just thinking about it... it just brings it all back. He was destroyed instantly.

The article I wrote on the left hand side tells all the grim details. SCROLL DOWN to see PHOTOS of my bruising and ... our last video on Earth.

The tears, after a year... they just flow. He was precious. I honor him daily living a life that informs all of JUSTICE and TRUTH.

Thank you all. Again, please join my "causes page" at http://www.facebook.com/JusticeForDunkin


  1. I just heard your call come in on the Alex Jones show...both my husband and I heard your story. We are praying for you and that the God of Love consume you with such power revealed by the Holy Spirit because of Jesus Christ. You are so beautiful and Dunkin such a beautiful, loyal creation. You are being lifted up through our mediator, Jesus Christ. We pray God's vengeance...but even in that, I pray mercy over those men who abused their authority...I can not imagine what you went through. God bless you...you are lovely!

  2. Stopping people without probable cause and killing pets has become standard operating procedure for “law” enforcement all across America. Here are more examples, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv0T2X1dXcI and http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/08/08/national/main4331948.shtml

    If you don’t think that cops would break the law, you might be surprised to know that every day, right here in the “good” old USA, hundreds of Americans are beaten and raped by U.S. “law” enforcement and an average of two are murdered by U.S. “law” enforcement. If you don’t believe me, see the admissions by Congress and the DOJ in Why does the U.S. Government Torture People? at http://dailycensored.com/2009/06/24/why-does-the-u-s-government-torture-people/

    If you want to know how those in government get away with violating our rights and ignoring our wishes, see Why Does the Government Ignore Our Wishes? at http://dailycensored.com/2009/09/11/why-does-the-government-ignore-our-wishes/ and don’t miss my 18 minute speech.

    If you take a look, you’ll learn why those in power and those who can influence them get away with violating our rights, abusing their power, and committing horrible crimes. My article on torture includes a link to the U.S. Supreme Court case which explains how one of our stolen rights makes the difference between justice and injustice, between freedom and slavery.

    Mark A. Adams JD/MBA

    P.S. Don't waste your money on an attorney for this. They will take it and do nothing due to fear of losing their license. For more on that, see http://disbarthefloridabar.com/?page_id=7

  3. What they did to you and your poor dog is absolutely disgusting, give them hell, this is morally incomprehensible in a free nation

  4. what town did this take place in,i live off rt 17 orange county ny.we don't have dept of public safty on the highway,we have ny state police.please enlighten me with the detail's.
    this should of been in the local newspaper.
    the times hearold record.middletown ny.
    sorry for your loss.
    rick masculine

  5. Rosamaria, I heard your story on The Alex Jones Show and it broke my heart.

    I love and treasure my two small dogs and to have your companion's life torn away from you in this way is horrifying.

    Rest assured that these cops will NOT keep their badges for much longer.

    You have all the decent human beings of this world on your side against the sadistic thugs on a power trip who disgrace their uniform.

  6. This is absolutely disgusting. People need to wake up to the fact tht we are SPEEDING toward a police state. If I were you, I would contact the Institute for Justice--a non-profit libertarian-minded lawfirm that takes on government when people's rights are violated, and yours certainly were--immediately, and get them to file civil suit against the police department involved, AND the individual officers. Get as much info/documentation as you can RIGHT NOW! I have an acquaintance who interned there and I can put you in touch, if you like. My email is minarchist@gmail.com.

    I am so sorry for your loss. I simply can't imagine losing one of dogs that way. Know that my good thoughts are with you.

    Did you ever find out why the hell they treated you like that?


  7. I heard you and your story on the alex jones show I was appalled to here about your abuse and treatment by the police and saddened to here what happened to duncan because of it. This type of abuse by the police needs to stop. Try and hang in there.

  8. Hi Rosamaria,
    I also heard your story on the Alex Jones Show. What an atrocity -- I'm so sorry. I am a writer who has appeared on Alex's site quite a bit. I have included a link to your blog on my site, Activist Post, in our "Animal Activism" section. We receive an average of nearly 10,000 visitors per day. We will send your story wide. Hang in there -- best of luck.

    Michael Edwards
    Activist Post

  9. I Understand Totally The way Cops Get When THey Have Someone In Custody.The Human Beings well Being means nothing.I Have Sat In Overheated Vallejo Police car 2 Hours Begging for water and NO ONE CARED.I Had Just taken Meds Just before AThey KIcked Our Door Down.This ORDEAL was because of a Cannabis Arrest.Big Crime!Some of them Sadistic Bastards get off on Being this way,REALLY.A Cop Lied in Court to DEfy My Medical Cannabis Card.I Eventually Won My Appeal But Put Up With Abuse a Few Times.The Vallejo Police Hate me and I Hate Them.I Have even Had a Vallejo Judge(Judge Carter) Finally Give me Back FOUR Pounds.Each Time it Was Clearly a POLICE Power Trip.The Ordeals Are Over and If that ever happens Again I will File a Suit for Sure.When Cops Have The Chance to Be GOD they Go For It every Time.The Arrogance is so Bad that the Image Police have is a Lasting one.Hell The Bart Cop Johannes Mehserle Shot Oscar In the Back and Was Only Convicted of Manslaughter.There are Too many Citizens that will never understand because they have not Lived it and refuse to believe that the very people Hired to Protect us will screw us over in a heartbeat.I Have Also Met some very Outstanding Cops in Big Cities like San Francisco and Oakland who really make a difference.Smaller City Cops Can become Problems Quickly.Most of The Overworked Vallejo Police and SOLNET However SUCK!!!I Understand One Fact For Sure and That is MOST Police Will Lie in a Heartbeat and Their Word has Too Much Power.The Arizona Dog Killing Cops Need to Be SUED.Ignorance and Apathy Killed Duncan.DogEatDogma.blogspot.com GO BLESS ALL

  10. I Am Spreading the Word on This Murder.I Really do Not understand why they Pulled you Over and The Reason for being Overzealous at all.I Will Give Cops the Benefit of a Doubt.There is No Doubt this is Murder.They are probably warming Up for the Poor HHard Working "Mojados" Later.I will Mention this on all blogs I know of.I Picked Up on it on the MORML Stash Blog. I will say it again,Until someone lives the Abuse they will not understand the Feeling.Being "In Custody"for Ignorant reasons.They Practice just to have the Opportunity to Use the Training.Many of the Cops are Adrenaline Junkies,Especially The Armed Forces Vets.They will Abuse the Power while one Is Cuffed.The Feeling of Being Totally Powerless as The World Happens before You sucks.Being Told To not Even Talk.The Threat to gag her was a Common threat The Cowboy Cops Give.Cops do deal with some hard headed Assholes quite often but that is No Excuse to be Hard headed Assholes themselves.Some of The Power Tripping Cowboys can Really become brutal.Rosamarie Weighs 120 sopping wet,There is No Threat! They had her Kept away from her dog for What Reason?What was The Crime? Looking Liberal! How was she a Threat?Give The Brutal Arizona Police Hell Girl!!Believe Me Girl I will be Blogging about this! timgiangiobbe.blogspot.com and DogEatDogma.blogspot.com TheNewIronCurtain.blogspot.com GOD BLESS ALL

  11. I just heard you on Alex Jones via Youtube. I'm so sorry to hear about your great loss at the hands of brutal men. G-d was watching and we are watching. My prayers are with you.