Monday, April 5, 2010


My grandmother recently passed. I'm okay with it. She lived a long life. Yes, it was sudden and she was very healthy and I am okay with it. I have cried some.

Dunkin', on the other hand... I cry still.

Death, when it comes by the hands of human being, so to speak... that death, I do not understand. That death is cruel and senseless. That is injustice. We are here to live a just life, a peaceful life on this planet, at much as we can anyway.

My peace was shaken and most would have been crushed. I am not most. Crushed? Pulverized, more the like. Luckily I am a creator. I make art from sand, from color, from thought. Dunkin'... you are my finest work yet and I honor your memory by being peaceful, aware, helpful and focused on myself, my career, and what I can offer the world that you taught me, my zen puppy.

My eyes tear always. It is my signature after your thought enters my mind. My longing for you shows in my tear and in my smile. I love you Dunkin' dog. We saw Frankie yesterday and she looks great. She has a new brother names Polo and you would have loved him. He looks like a large Lucas. The weather was sunning weather for you this easter weekend. I thought of you at the dog run, how you loved laying in the sun. Faye will be here in May and I am sure she will remember walking you all over the city and speaking to you in only Dutch. Leker Eten? lol... I love you, Dunkin'.

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