Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I feel likeI feel like I'm living multiple lives and none are my own.

Now I am in this body that buzzes and tingles and snaps in shock when I move my head. When you hit your elbow and it makes that annoying and painful sting in the funny bone, it goes away eventually. This is what my whole body feels like, especially my left side of my body. If I move my head at a normal rate, my body feels like it was just zapped with electricity from a foreign body and yet, it is all inside of my own body. My hand gets the most of that shock. Dunkin' used to lick it well, and the love involved healed me.

Normally I snap out of it and get happy. Missing Dunkin' is not happiness. I did a lot of missing him and crying this week. I just want my balance back. Physically, I want to walk normally and not feel like I'm falling to the right, emotionally, I just want my heart and soul to heal from the shock that is still inside of me.


  1. Hi Rosa,
    I am so sorry to hear about your precious Duncan. I have 2 wonderful dogs, who along with my husband, have helped me through my MS ups and downs. I don't know what I would do if any thing happened to any one of them. Have you contacted PAWS to see if anyome can help you with the animal abuse case. In WA state, we have an attorney that works for "Pasado Animal Safe Haven" that may be able to help you find an attorney. There is really nothing I can say that will change what happened to you on July 4. I must have cried for hours after I read what happened to you and your precious little baby. I can not believe that police officers would be so cruel. Word can not describe how appalled and disgusted I am, and I hope that those heartless entities will be punished for what they did. Allow yourself to be sad, and soon your body will start to cooperate. Your Duncan is not in pain now, and he does not want you to be in pain.


  2. Rosamaria-- some of your symptoms sound like RSD. Not sure if you have had doctors mention this to you. I pray for your health and for little Dunkin.