Monday, November 23, 2009

Dunkin' Tears

Thanksgiving is around the corner and Dunkin' would always be the 1st to eat. I always made him his plate of thanksgiving food, with stuffing, gravy and all the trimmings. How he would eat until he was the size of the bird itself, then he would sleep the rest of the day. He deserved my love for many years. I deserved his. I am thankful every moment I breath that the Dunk was in my life and that he will always be part of me.

I also thank karma for in knowing that karma exists, I also know the people who extinguished Dunkin's light are already paying for their deeds. It is not even in my hands. I can only control my state and I do the best I can. I miss you dear boy. Momma misses you at night, and I know you know it. How I miss those long dog legs and that sound you made in gratitude of hugs and smiles. Wish I had you now to help out with my left hand again. It's not looking too happy and it's feeling a bit blue, tingly, and numb sometimes. I fight it, Dunkin'. I do what I know how to and it's just a lot more difficult without you near.


  1. We would like Rosamaria to please contact us regarding the Dunkin story. You can send us your contact information to

    Thank you and God Bless.

  2. Dear Rosamaria,
    I am so very very sorry for what happened to you. All I can say is that Dunkin stands for everything that is good in this world and those police officers for everything that is bad. You were lucky enough to know Good for 8 years but then you encountered Evil. The best you can do is do as much good as you can all around you. And get another dog, not as a replacement, but to give him/her as much love as you gave Dunkin --- Dunkin who was such a lucky dog for having you.